Dr. Shinichi Suzuki

Dr. Shinichi Suzuki


The Suzuki Method

The Suzuki Method, also known as the "mother tongue" method is a foundational approach that highlights parental involvement, listening, and practice. Dr. Shinichi Suzuki developed his ingenious method after noticing children easily learn their mother tongue language. This same method to learn language is adapted to learn music, so that every child can learn to play an instrument with the same fluidity, ease and confidence as when speaking their native language.

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The teacher-parent/caretaker-student relationship is called the Suzuki triangle. We all work together during the lessons, learning from each other with mutual respect.  At home, the parent/care taker is the "home teacher," and works with assignments given by the teacher every day.


Group classes are an essential ingredient for Suzuki learning. Read more under "Lessons".


“Beautiful tone, beautiful heart.” - Dr. Shinichi Suzuki